Our new roller squeegee and stochastic halftones giving us insane color depth and smoothness from white. Thank you @triplestamppress and @presspressmerch for inspiring us. #uppinourgame (at A Small Print Shop)

Awesome locals taking part in our “You a mess” special. As a related side note, we are now confidently offering one color #plasticharge (bright colors on dark garments with no inky feel) and #waterbase black. Happily learning more ways to up our #merch game. Hope you are well. (at A Small Print Shop)

The smoothest gradient we’ve ever printed belongs to these awesome SHAPRECE tees. Her MOLTING ep just dropped on NOISETRADE, check it out! (at A Small Print Shop)

Gorgeous seven colors for @slowmagic, coming to the ASPS site shortly. Also, Two and a half more hours to get your UMS special orders printed by next week. Check our recent pics for details. (at A Small Print Shop)

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