We are printing some discharge prints on AA triblend tanks for @thesneerwell Super nice. Pre order them at thesneerwell.com! (at A Small Print Shop)

We were surprised with this little gift today from @boxcarcoffeeroasters today, thanks so much guys! It should be a productive morning tomorrow with your little help. (at A Small Print Shop)

ASPS took a field trip to visit our old neighbors, Moto Ocho, and see their new shop. I have no words to describe how amazing the new @denver_mopeds is. We will miss being next door to these guys, but this location is just too good and we are so stoked for them. Please check out their new show room at 2243 Curtis St. (at Moto Ocho)

I’m moving to Richmond as an excuse to throw a great party! Come to OMF ready party, to say your goodbyes, and enjoy various free stuff to remember me by. Jones out! 🎤⤵️ (at A Small Print Shop)

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