Hey all! ASPS now has a #Pinterest account! It took dan like six days to figure it out. We’ll be updating with a few projects per day, and then new and exclusive photos when we’re caught up! Come join us! (at A Small Print Shop)

Hey! From now until the end of September you can score $8 off any vector set in our shop with the promo code 8DOLLAZ. The code works infinite times and it also means you can get our ASPS grab bag for free! check it out : scrnprnt.com (at A Small Print Shop)

We’re here at @denver_flea at @thebigwonderful! If you’ve ever wanted to see our print methods or ask us weird questions, come over! It’s free! While you’re here, check out the tees we’ve printed for @coloradicalshirts, @huckleberryroasters, @publiccoffee, @thelongipie, @ritualchocolate, @tessvigil, @theusualbarbershop, @the_bungaloo, @tuffykickshaw, @creamcitymarket, @denverfashiontruck and the @denver_flea! (at Thebigwonderful)

Here’s an update from our shop dogs : We can print American Apparel dog hoodies, and also the sun is very bright. As a related side note, Gizmo looks like that alien inside that guy’s head from Men In Black. (at A Small Print Shop)

Hey all! A ton of new updates on our website. Check it out! (link on profile) (at A Small Print Shop)

Team building exercise ‘99 2014 at @open_air_adventure_park! Pretty much the hardest thing any of us has done for months. Now to @oskarblues! (at Open Air Adventure Park)

In the past three months we’ve made a few conscious changes to the way we dispose of things here. We recently purchased a closed-system mineral spirit tank for our ink cleanup, a BLACKLINE water filter for our washout booth, and are now using Safety Kleen waste disposal service to ensure that all of our ink-tainted items are responsibly disposed of.

We know that screen printing isn’t the most environmentally friendly process, so we’re taking steps to minimize the negative effects of our processes. We’re excited about the next era of ASPS. Thanks for being along for the ride! (at A Small Print Shop)

Some crazy eight color spot-process action for some awesome locals. Definitely a portfolio piece. Also we are just up to our necks in bee puns over here. Hope your Friday is awesome. (at A Small Print Shop)

This is a two color print for @slowmagic. Thanks to the sep wizardry of @dylan_fowler, we’ve been exploring our capabilities with stochastic halftones to maximize the depth, clarity, and brightness of our halftoned colors. We’re always trying to up our game for you guys. Hope your Tuesday is going awesome. (at A Small Print Shop)

New patio furniture courtesy @bonafhyde and a bunch of dead screens. Thanks john. (at A Small Print Shop)

Thank you @bradtorchia for some amazing images of our shop. Check out that guys site; he’s also shot our good friends @shopprimary, @jorgensenstoneware, @mountainvsplains, and @beetandyarrow! (at A Small Print Shop)

The great @bradtorchia was kind enough to photograph the ASPS space & team today. Check that guy out. Also featured, our new hand drawn script tee, in our online store soon. Hope you are awesome. (at A Small Print Shop)

Hey! Today our artists @dylan_fowler and @danielevangarza are participating in @artcrank! Go to @inkloungedenver from 4-10 today to see some awesome bike-related posters from tons of local artists. Hope your Saturday is awesome. (at A Small Print Shop)

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